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Album Stream: Syd – Fin

The Internet‘s frontwoman, Syd, takes a hiatus from the group to drop a more Pop-infused project, Fin.  Filled with soft and sultry tracks, her solo work is still gorgeous, but wouldn’t have fit the band’s trademark sound. “None of these songs would have made sense as Internet songs,” she explained.

Though Matt Martians will also drop a solo album, Internet fans need not worry as the band has expressed taking time off to mature and reunite.  Listen  via Spotify below.

Video: The Internet – “Getaway”

After dropping their finest work to date, Ego Death, The Internet, drops their latest video for “Getaway.”  The song is the first track on the mellow album filled with Syd tha Kyd‘s sultry voice and superb instrumentation.  Watch the visuals for the the track below.

Album Stream: Speak – Gnarly Davidson vs. The Marlboro Men

Listen to the new album from rapper/journalist Speak called Gnarly Davidson vs. The Marlboro Men.  The album features The InternetCaleb StoneStoned ZooNikko GrayTay Walker and Jack Davey.