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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 47

470. The art on Chance the Rapper‘s Coloring Book is a photo of him looking down at his daughter.  He wanted the cover to depict “the future being bigger than himself.” (via)


469. Growing up, Anderson Paak used to recite Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg lyrics for show & tell & would often get in trouble for beatboxing in class. (via)

468. R.Kelly planned to collaborate with Tupac on an album before doing Best of Both Worlds  with Jay Z(via)

467. J. Cole snuck into LA Reid‘s son’s My Super Sweet Sixteen party hoping to get exposure as an artist & made an appearance in the episode. (via)

466. Pusha T held the the first-ever live music event at Calipatria State Prison. (via)

465. YG didn’t rap on “Thank God” due to being arrested on the prior song “1 AM.”  The 1st verse by Big TC (Ty Dolla $ign’s brother) was recorded in actual prison. (via)

464. Pharrell‘s “Can I Have It Like That” was originally for Puff Daddy & “there was a couple of guys kinda fightin’ over it,” according to P. (via)

463. Rick Rubin has known Dr. Dre since he met N.W.A. while they were recording Straight Outta Compton, and Eminem‘s “Rap God” marked the first time they worked together.  (via)

462.  While she was in prison, Oprah sent Lil’ Kim three of her  favorite books “for inspiration and motivation.” (via)

461. Some of Frank Ocean‘s favorite movies include A Clockwork Orange, Taxi DriverDjango, Alien, Spartacus, Psycho, ATL & Eraser Head(via)

Random Hip Hop Facts Part 46

460. Lil’ Wayne once arrived to a party late and got scolded by Stevie Wonder for talking during his piano performance. (2:33 mark)

459. 50 Cent moved from the bedroom in his grandmother’s house directly into Mike Tyson’s old mansion after the success of Get Rich or Die Tryin‘.1 

458. The Gucci pair of flip flops Future raps about on “Thought It Was a Drought” were borrowed by his grandmother and were never returned.2 

457. Aaliyah was supposed to be in the The Matrix Reloaded.3

456. Growing up, Method Man played 4 years of lacrosse and 5 years of football.4

455. Wu-Tang was slang for Olde English in RZA‘s Stapleton neighborhood & he used it as inspiration for the Clan’s name.5

454. NasStillmatic was recorded in LA, the Bahamas, Atlanta and was finished in NY. (4:18 mark)

453. The Neptunes recorded Jay Z‘s “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)” and “Southern Hospitality” the same night.6

452. Travis $cott‘s “Maria I’m Drunk” came about after Justin Bieber Facetimed him from Hawaii hoping to work together.7

451. Nate Dogg stated he never walked into Death Row studio without a gun and saw someone get their ass beat at least once a week. (29:45 mark and 29:51 mark)

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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 45

450. Though Kanye West used auto-tune all over 808s and Heartbreak, producer Yung Guru revealed it was Yeezy who gave Jay Z the “Death of Auto-Tune” concept. 1

449. Kendrick Lamar’s first car was his dad’s old ’92 Cadillac Seville with Lamborghini doors.

448. After J. Cole graduated from St. John’s in 2007, he finally received his degree in 2015.  He stated that the reason he had never obtained it was because he still owed money to the school for an overdue library book. 2

447. The scene of police asking skaters to move in Lupe Fiasco‘s “Kick Push” video was not staged. 3

446. Missy Elliott used to play with sharp objects as a teen.  “In high school, I used to play with knives and razors and carry around a rusty ass machete. But I couldn’t come in this industry that way.  So I had to act like I had some sense.  Be humble and respect everyone,” she told Vibe magazine. 4

445. Eazy-E used to keep rolls of bills in his sock and licorice-Rizla-papered joints on the inside of his baseball cap. 5

444. Freddie Gibbs‘ name was inspired by character Tommy Gibbs in Blaxploitation film Black Ceasar.  (6:55 mark)

443. DJ Premier used to play guitar in church and alto sax in school.6

442. The original Higher Learning cast was supposed to include Tupac, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gwyneth Paltrow and Juliette Lewis.7

441. RZA stated that he did not allow women into Wu-Tang‘s recording studios until 1997 because they were considered  a distraction.8


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Hip Hop News 6/8

Apple unveils one-stop-shop music service at WWDC15. (Read More)

Hip Hop reacted to to officer involved in McKinney, Texas incident.  (Read More) 

New Jersey State Police used tear gas and made arrests at Summer Jam. (Read More)

Chance The Rapper‘s Surf LP got over 618,000 album downloads and 10 million single downloads in its first week. (Read More)


Ice Cube announced N.W.A. reunion concert. (Read More)

Rae Sremmurd‘s Slim Jimmy split his leg open during his GovBallNYC show. (Read More)

Kid Cudi dissed Angie Martinez on Twitter, and she responded.  (Read More) 

Random Hip Hop Facts Part 42

420. Lupe Fiasco made his album Tetsuo and Youth for 16 core fans he often lurks on social media. (5:25 mark)

419. The Notorious B.I.G. wanted to drop Ready to Die on Halloween.1

418. Every year for Christmas, Kanye West‘s family would sing and play instruments, but Ye didn’t have a good voice, so he would sit in the corner. 2

417. Tupac‘s “Can’t C Me” was originally intended for Dr. Dre & Ice Cube‘s never released Helter Skelter album. 3

416. Kendrick Lamar (then known as K Dot) rapped for Charles Hamilton back in the day. (1:30 mark)

415. Pharrell‘s Astronaut BBC T-Shirt once flew aboard the United States Space Shuttle, Atlantis, to the International Space Station.4

414. Rick Ross and Bill Murray once recorded a song for a Christmas show, but Ross didn’t show up for the shoot. 5

413. Ab-Soul credits his extensive vocabulary to his mom reading him Dr. Seuss and Charlie Brown before bed.6

412. Missy Elliott‘s Supa Dupa Fly was recorded in two weeks and was entirely produced by Timbaland.7


411. Eazy-E asked Bone Thugs to write his verse on “Foe The Love of Money,” but they made hit pen it himself.8

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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 41

Did you know?…

410. Long before working with Adidas, Kanye West once destroyed a pair of their sneakers on film. (4:46 mark)

409. Drake‘s producer Noah40Shebib mixed and mastered So Far Gone at the  Beverly Wilshire hotel on a pair of AKG 240 headphones and a iHome clock radio. 1

408. Snoop Dogg used to record with 213  in the studio at VIP Records in Long Beach, a record store that Ab-Soul‘s grandfather founded. (6:46 mark)

407. Dr. Dre and Suge Knight once had their own custom lowrider shop called Let Me Ride Hydraulics2

406. “Ken Kaniff” on Eminem‘s Slim Shady LP was the only skit not voiced by Em.  A Detroit rapper named Aristotle did the vocals. 3

405. In 2007, J. Cole tried to hand Jay Z  a CD full of beats outside of his Roc the Mic studios.  Jay replied, “Man, I don’t want that,” and Cole considered him to be evil at that point.  4

404. Logic can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute.

403. When Method Man first met Mary J. Blige, she told him she woke up to his song “Bring the Pain” every day. 5

402. Tyler, The Creator named the roach in the “Yonkers” video Nissan, and yes, he really bit into it. (12:50 mark)

401. J Dilla was  present when DJ Premier recorded “Devil’s Pie” with D’Angelo. 6


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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 38

Did you know?

380. Redman developed a foot fetish after working at a women’s shoe store as a teenager.

(1:07 mark)


379. Tupac was planning on opening a restaurant called Powamekka Cafe, a play on the words “power” and “Mecca.” 1


378. Dr. Dre can’t stand N.W.A.’s Straight Outta Compton and says he threw it together in six weeks so that the group could have something to sell out of the trunk. 2


377. Tommy Hilfiger sales reached an all-time high after Snoop wore an oversized shirt by the designer on SNL in 1994. 3


376. Andre 3000 originally submitted the “Rosa Parks” instrumental to R& B group Total4


375. Nas I Am… intro samples the Amityville Horror score.

(0:10 mark)


374. Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” video was inspired by artist Marina Abramovic’s MoMA performance. 5


373. Queen Latifah named Naughty by Nature.  She also managed the group along with OutKastMonica, Fu-SchnickensSWV, Faith Evans and many others.


372. Kid Cudi used to work at the BAPE NYC store and had to chase customer Kanye West down before leaving the store to take off a clothing sensor. 6


371. Biggie’s “Warning” beat was originally meant for Big Daddy Kane7


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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 37

Did you know?

 370. While working for the Mets, Action Bronson got fired after throwing a fellow chef over a table because he kept bumping into Bronson in the kitchen.1


369. Andre 3000 revealed that Outkast’s label wanted Kid Rock to play guitar on “B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad).” 2


368. The worst Christmas gift Wiz Khalifa ever received was a macaroni-colored crewneck sweatsuit from his dad and stepmom at age 14.

(0:10 mark)

367. The Roots go through war in deciding the direction of each album. It is to the point where Questlove has quit the band on each album except the last three. 3


366. YG’s favorite video games are Grand Theft Auto and Madden.  He plays as the 49ers. 4


 365. Freddie Gibbs all-time favorite song is “I Got 5 On It” by the Luniz. 5

364. Killer Mike loves the original Star Trek series and the original Planet Of The Apes.  His favorite books include Lord Of The Flies and Animal Farm, which he credits for helping him become conscious of social classes, order and technology.6


363. Though samples usually cost around $5,000 to$10,000, it cost $100,000 for Fabolous to sample Supertramp for “Breathe.”7


362. Future has a songwriting credit on Ludacris’ “Blueberry Yum Yum.”  At the time (2004), he went by the name Meathead the Phuture.8

361. Machine Gun Kelly’s musical guilty pleasures include the Space Jam soundtrack, Sister Act 2 soundtrack and Grease soundtrack.9 



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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 36

Did you know?

360. Dr. Dre made 50 Cent say the same lines over 500 times on his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ song “Heat.” 1


359. Biggie only got $500 for doing Real Love” with Mary J. Blige. 2


358. According to Chris Rock, Kanye West had everyone in the studio (including the engineers) wearing suits while working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to set a certain mood.

(1:42 mark)


357. Lupe Fiasco’s parents instructed him not to say the pledge of allegiance in school as a child. 3


356. Ab-Soul has stated he quotes Nas and Jay Z at least once or twice on every project. 4


355. Paul Wall helped create Ryan Lochte‘s American flag grill he wore to the 2012 Olympics.5


354. According to Ja Rule, DMX once had his mouth wired shut after being in a fight or getting jumped.  Like Kanye, he continued to rap regardless.

(0:39 mark)


353. Schoolboy Q’s song “Blind Threats” with Raekwon  was sparked after they ran into each other in an elevator.6 


352. While on tour as Outkast, Andre 3000 & Big Boi  travel on separate tour buses.  They also frequently work from separate home studios and Andre 3000’s whereabouts are often unknown to everybody, including his partner.7 


351. Mr. Cartoon did Beyonce’s first tattoo of an angel at age 21, but she later had it removed.8



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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 34

Did you know?

340. When Kendrick Lamar was 21, he claims a vision of Tupac appeared to him and said, “Don’t let the music die.” 1


339. Tyler, The Creator doesn’t eat the skin on apples.

(0:25 mark)


338. Q-Tip was responsible for informing Kanye West about blood diamonds in Sierra Leone. 2


337. When Tupac misbehaved as a child, Afeni Shakur would make her son read The New York Times as punishment. 3 


336. Swizz Beatz sampled video game Golden Axe for Jay Z‘s “Money, Cash, Hoes.”

335. Snoop Dogg  is a fan of Bollywood music – especially the artist Singh. 4

334. Pharrells brother, Cato, is a pro-am skater. 5

333. Amy Winehouse wanted to start a supergroup with Questlove and Mos Def.

332.  Puff Daddys “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” beat was originally created for Foxy Brown6

331. Prince and Eve have a song together called “Hot Wit’ U.” 7


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