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Album Stream: Syd – Fin

The Internet‘s frontwoman, Syd, takes a hiatus from the group to drop a more Pop-infused project, Fin.  Filled with soft and sultry tracks, her solo work is still gorgeous, but wouldn’t have fit the band’s trademark sound. “None of these songs would have made sense as Internet songs,” she explained.

Though Matt Martians will also drop a solo album, Internet fans need not worry as the band has expressed taking time off to mature and reunite.  Listen  via Spotify below.

Syd – “All About Me”

After The Internet dropped their Grammy nominated Ego Death album, Syd steps out solo with her long-awaited new single “All About Me.”  The dark, yet sultry track produced by colleague Steve Lacy, stresses the importance of keeping ties with her tight-knight circle and features cameos from the band and her affiliated Odd Future family.  Watch below.

Video: Tyler, The Creator – “What The Fuck Right Now” & GOLF Media Freestyle

As a huge fan of Kanye West‘s “Freestyle 4” off of The Life of PabloTyler, The Creator puts his own spin on the track.  A$AP Rocky provides ad libs as T calls out posers, rappers who emulate his style and glorify drugs.  Watch the clever and wildly amusing video that also features Taco, Jasper and Domo Genesis below.

Make sure to also check out Tyler & Rocky‘s freestyle from the former Odd Future leader’s GOLF Media app below.


Concert Review: Tyler, The Creator – Christmas Show 12/13


After coppping GOLF merch and filing into hidden Orange County gem, The Observatory, fans escaped the cold with a rare late night appearance by former Odd Future frontman, Tyler, The Creator.  “It’s passed my bedtime and shit. Half of y’all got school tomorrow,” he announced around midnight.

As hands vigorously strummed air guitars on the screen behind him, he engaged in a performance of “Deathcamp” so explosive, he had to take a moment to catch his breath and admitted to almost fainting as he peeled off two jackets.  He kept the audience riled up delving into well-known cult classics “Tron Cat,” “Sam (Is Dead),” and “Domo 23,” but also mellowed things out with “Bimmer,” “She” and “IFHY” as the vibrant music video played in the background.

Light on his new material, the most notable track performed off of Cherry Bomb was “Smuckers” due to a richly orchestrated intro not heard on the album.  Between beatboxing into “Jamba” and berating the audience for requesting “Bitch Suck Dick,” he was handed a ring of lost keys and a license.  After reading the name on the ID and finally locating its owner, he proclaimed, “You irresponsible. You need to learn a lesson,” before thrusting it back into the endless abyss of people.

Taking a moment to acknowledge Jasper Dolphin‘s birthday, the audience sang to him before begging him to do a celebratory backflip.  The unexpected highlight of the show was during “Yonkers” when tourmate A$AP Rocky stepped out to make a cameo chanting “Golf Wang” as admirers shrieked with delight.

Closing with the bass-heavy “Tamale,” Tyler caused an all-out frenzy until Taco cued “Keep Da O’s” from the DJ booth.  After revealing he’d be taking a hiatus from performing, he wished the crowd a “beautiful fuckin’ Christmas” and walked off shirtless in his trademark Vans.

Video: The Internet – “Getaway”

After dropping their finest work to date, Ego Death, The Internet, drops their latest video for “Getaway.”  The song is the first track on the mellow album filled with Syd tha Kyd‘s sultry voice and superb instrumentation.  Watch the visuals for the the track below.

Tyler, The Creator – “Fuck It” & “Buffalo/Find Your Wings” Video

Tyler, The Creator recently tweeted a new track called “Fuck It.” Created two weeks ago, the loosie filled with simple bass and synths channels his earlier material and is sure to please hardcore Odd Future fans who still long for the Goblin days.

Also, check out his latest self-directed music video as Wolf Haley.  “Buffalo” is a visually stunning social commentary on race complete with lynching, riots and blackface while the retro and jazzy “Find Your Wings” with Kali Uchis references Soul Train.

Mike G feat. Earl Sweatshirt – “Fuk It” (Produced by Left Brain)

Though Odd Future members are still on good terms, its members have recently admitted to its apparent dissipation.  Mike G apparently got nostalgic and shared an archived track recorded with Earl Sweatshirt in 2009. Produced by Left Brain,”Fuk It” recalls a time when OF was on the verge of poppin’ like a blister.

The Internet – “Special Affair”

Listen to the sensual new track from The Internet called “Special Affair” produced by Kaytranada.  Known for their affiliation with Tyler, The Creator as a a part of Odd Future, vocalist Syd Tha Kid‘s alto perfectly complements the track off of their new album, Ego Death, due out June 30.

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Album Review: Tyler, The Creator – Cherry Bomb


After a four month hiatus on social media, Tyler, The Creator dropped his latest effort, Cherry Bomb, with one thing in mind: a tweet.  An observer commented that Tyler’s music sounded nothing like any of the musicians he listened to, and it apparently struck a powerful chord with the multifaceted artist.  Well-known for his cartoonish personality and violent rhymes, the Odd Future leader offered no inkling of his broad taste in music including acts like Stereolab, Nas and Marvin Gaye.

Though the self-taught producer displayed growth on 2013’s WOLF both sonically and lyrically, his production on Cherry Bomb easily trumps his vintage sound often composed of simple synths and snares.

After engaging in sessions with film composer, Hans Zimmer, his advanced skill set is noticeable as he layers elaborate instrumentation in the project’s opener.  “Deathcamp” contains hard bass, hammering guitars and intermittent screams as he pays homage to Rock god Iggy Pop and N.E.R.D.  The mellow sequel to “Bimmer,” “2Seater” contains pianos, organs, saxophones and orchestral violins that help detail a romantic drive with his girl before the beat switches into the whimsical “Hairblows.”

He dodges jailbait on “Fucking Young” (a likely nod to Pharrell‘s “Young Girl”) accompanied by Moog synthesizers fit for the legendary Stevie Wonder.  “‘Cause girl you’re perfect, but you’re too fucking young/And when temptation calls my phone, I never pick up,” Charlie Wilson croons.  “Keep Da O’s” with the aforementioned Skateboard P starts off as intense and piercing, yet somehow evolves into a slow Doo Wop beat that sounds influenced by The Flamingos.

A far cry from his earlier lyrics, “Kill People, Burn Shit,  Fuck School,” Tyler’s new thematic incantation, “Find Your Wings” aims to inspire his listeners similar to the way Pharrell’s “You Can Do It Too” spoke to him in his early years. The song is dedicated to discovering and pursuing one’s passion with lyrics like, “The sky’s your home, there’s no limit, you know you gotta/Find your wings.”  He harmonizes with frequent collaborator, Kali Uchis, over the beautifully serene Jazz track complete with xylophones and a feature from Roy Ayers.

Crowd favorite “Smuckers” is accompanied by Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West over a brassy beat, and he warns his audience about the glamorization of gang life with ScHoolboy Q and Toro y Moi on the brief, but pungent “Run.”  “Lies what they got on their plate, they gon eat you/They got a homie called Karma, he gon meet you,” he delivers rapidly.

The mixing on the album, however, has its flaws with vocals falling victim to the thundering production at times.  As a fan of raw and unpolished tracks (see last year’s “Diaper“), listeners are left struggling to discern lyrics as the bass heavy and Yeezus-like synths pulse over the chaotic title track.  The outcome, however, still manages to be both melodic and well-suited for his Punk-like performances.

Following the script-like album trilogy centered around a love triangle, Cherry Bomb seems to hint at Tyler’s upcoming film debut, WOLF, which was announced in 2013 after he shared the colorful trailer via Twitter. The end of the lust-driven “Blow My Load” contains a GOLF Radio contest giving away tickets to a triple feature movie with a censored one-syllable title.  A skit reveals him killing time before a film begins at Moon Theatres, and the album ends with the line, “It’s about to start,” as the unworldly “OKAGA, CA” laced with vocals from Leon Ware singing, “Let’s got the Moon,” comes to a close.  His stunning visuals for “Fucking Young” also incorporate cinema scenes and a large Moon Theatres marquee (4:41 mark).

A well-executed fusion of musical genres, Cherry Bomb, shows exceptional maturation, remarkable range and fearlessness choosing to harmonize instead of rap on multiple tracks.  It dazzles with its rich production, few samples and upbeat content that may leave hardcore fans yearning for Tyler’s trademark angst, but could potentially land him more album placements.  At 24, Tyler’s startling progression in a two year time frame has already surpassed some of his predecessors’ beat making techniques, and it will be utterly intriguing to witness how advanced his artistry will eventually become.