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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 43

430. Kid Cudi‘s “Maniac” and “Marijuana” videos were directed by Shia Labeouf. 1

429.  Before he was president, Vic Mensa ran through Obama‘s backyard trying to escape the cops due to writing graffiti.2

428.  Big Sean started writing “Win Some or Lose Some” in 2012. (3:50 mark) 

427. Chance The Rapper got his Madonna collaboration after being recommended by Jay Z.  3

426.  ScHoolboy Q hates ketchup.4

425. Will Smith introduced Afeni Shakur and Voletta Wallace, Tupac and Biggie‘s moms, for the first time at the 1999 VMAs.5

424. Epic wanted Ghostface Killah to add two more verses to “Cherchez La Ghost.” 6 

423. Juvenile wanted to sign Young Buck to Cash Money, but had no interest in Lloyd Banks.7 

422. Action Bronson was once in a tampon commercial. (0:10 mark)

421. Prodigy and Havoc (of Mobb Deep) were introduced to each other in the lunchroom at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan when they were 15.8

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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 20

Did you know?

200. Jay Z and Kanye West had a four-day argument while recording Watch the Throne.  Kanye wanted “Holy Grail” and “Oceans” to be on the collaborative effort instead of Jay’s Magna Carta…Holy Grail. 1


199. Pharrell’s first memory of music was at amusement park Kings Dominion.  He got lost, and his parents found him dancing to Kenny Rogers. 2


198.Years before doing Hitch together, Eva Mendes was in Will Smith’s “Miami” video.

(1:07 mark)


197. Pusha T wakes up every morning at 6am, so that he can work out at 8am. 3


196. Chance the Rapper’s dad used to be deputy to then Senator Obama. 4


195. Trina used to work at AT&T.

(3:57 mark)


194. Flying Lotus grew up around Jazz saxophonist and composer John Coltrane.  He is his grandmother’s sister’s husband. 5


193. Lil’ Kim attended Catholic school Queen of All Saints in Brooklyn. 6


192. The hook for Busta Rhymes’ song “Dangerous” was inspired by a drug PSA.

Busta Rhymes – “Dangerous”


191. LL Cool J is fluent in Spanish and speaks some Arabic. 7

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LA Hip Hop Landmarks

Update: Will now be adding landmarks on a national scale as time permits.

Map of Hip Hop landmarks in LA. 

View in a Larger Map Here