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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 47

470. The art on Chance the Rapper‘s Coloring Book is a photo of him looking down at his daughter.  He wanted the cover to depict “the future being bigger than himself.” (via)


469. Growing up, Anderson Paak used to recite Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg lyrics for show & tell & would often get in trouble for beatboxing in class. (via)

468. R.Kelly planned to collaborate with Tupac on an album before doing Best of Both Worlds  with Jay Z(via)

467. J. Cole snuck into LA Reid‘s son’s My Super Sweet Sixteen party hoping to get exposure as an artist & made an appearance in the episode. (via)

466. Pusha T held the the first-ever live music event at Calipatria State Prison. (via)

465. YG didn’t rap on “Thank God” due to being arrested on the prior song “1 AM.”  The 1st verse by Big TC (Ty Dolla $ign’s brother) was recorded in actual prison. (via)

464. Pharrell‘s “Can I Have It Like That” was originally for Puff Daddy & “there was a couple of guys kinda fightin’ over it,” according to P. (via)

463. Rick Rubin has known Dr. Dre since he met N.W.A. while they were recording Straight Outta Compton, and Eminem‘s “Rap God” marked the first time they worked together.  (via)

462.  While she was in prison, Oprah sent Lil’ Kim three of her  favorite books “for inspiration and motivation.” (via)

461. Some of Frank Ocean‘s favorite movies include A Clockwork Orange, Taxi DriverDjango, Alien, Spartacus, Psycho, ATL & Eraser Head(via)

Hip Hop News 6/8

Apple unveils one-stop-shop music service at WWDC15. (Read More)

Hip Hop reacted to to officer involved in McKinney, Texas incident.  (Read More) 

New Jersey State Police used tear gas and made arrests at Summer Jam. (Read More)

Chance The Rapper‘s Surf LP got over 618,000 album downloads and 10 million single downloads in its first week. (Read More)


Ice Cube announced N.W.A. reunion concert. (Read More)

Rae Sremmurd‘s Slim Jimmy split his leg open during his GovBallNYC show. (Read More)

Kid Cudi dissed Angie Martinez on Twitter, and she responded.  (Read More) 

Hip Hop News 2/9 & 2015 Grammy Stream (Full Show)

The 2015 Grammys aired last night.  If you missed them, stream the full show here.

Kanye says Beck should have given his Grammy to Beyonce on E!

In writing, here is how Kanye thought about Beyonce losing “Album Of The Year” to Beck.  (Read More)

Nicki Minaj didn’t let Birdman into her Pre-Grammy party.  (Read More)

The official N.W.A. trailer for their biopic Straight Outta Compton has been released.

Snoop and Pharrell debuted a new song at a Pre-Grammy party.

A man was murdered outside ScHoolboy Q’s LA Grammy party. (Read More)

Big Sean was joined by Yeezy, Justin Bieber, J. Cole, Meek Mill, DJ Mustard, Tyga, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign and YG at his HOB show.  (Read More)

Missy Elliott missed the Grammys to work on music with Timbaland instead while Kendrick and TDE boycotted? (Read More)

In other news, the Cash Money drama continues.  Turk is also reportedly suing the label for unpaid royalties. (Read More)

Random Hip Hop Facts Part 35

Did you know?

350. The original Illmatic cover was supposed to have Nas holding Jesus in a headlock, a reference to his verse on Main Sources “Live at the BBQ.” 1 


349. Tupac would play Bone Thugs original version of “Crossroads” when he woke up in his cellblock every morning. 2


348. Kanye West auditioned for Will Ferrell’s movie Semi-Pro, but Andre 3000 was chosen for the role. 3 



347. Biggie had the following in his pockets the night he was murdered: marijuana, a pen, an asthma inhaler, three “larger size” condoms and a drivers license issued in Georgia. 4


346. The beat to Jadakiss “Knock Yourself Out” was derived from  a beat originally done for the Clipse called “Hear Me Out.”

345. Missy Elliott is afraid of wasps because her cousin was stung in the eye once. 5


344. J Dilla would crate dig by looking at the quantity and type of drums used.  He also looked for unusual instruments and preferred that the artist be unknown. 6


343. Talib Kweli is a big fan of films The Big Lebowski, The Princess Bride and The Goonies7


342. Waka Flocka Flames uncle, James Antney, produced on Slick Rick and LL Cool J albums. 

(8:52 mark)


341. When Ice Cube first showed Dr. Dre the lyrics to “Fuck the Police,” he passed and asked him,“What else you got?” 8



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