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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 46

460. Lil’ Wayne once arrived to a party late and got scolded by Stevie Wonder for talking during his piano performance. (2:33 mark)

459. 50 Cent moved from the bedroom in his grandmother’s house directly into Mike Tyson’s old mansion after the success of Get Rich or Die Tryin‘.1 

458. The Gucci pair of flip flops Future raps about on “Thought It Was a Drought” were borrowed by his grandmother and were never returned.2 

457. Aaliyah was supposed to be in the The Matrix Reloaded.3

456. Growing up, Method Man played 4 years of lacrosse and 5 years of football.4

455. Wu-Tang was slang for Olde English in RZA‘s Stapleton neighborhood & he used it as inspiration for the Clan’s name.5

454. NasStillmatic was recorded in LA, the Bahamas, Atlanta and was finished in NY. (4:18 mark)

453. The Neptunes recorded Jay Z‘s “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)” and “Southern Hospitality” the same night.6

452. Travis $cott‘s “Maria I’m Drunk” came about after Justin Bieber Facetimed him from Hawaii hoping to work together.7

451. Nate Dogg stated he never walked into Death Row studio without a gun and saw someone get their ass beat at least once a week. (29:45 mark and 29:51 mark)

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Hip Hop News 6/5

Jay Z cancelled LA’s Made In America show, but added a  free New York concert.  (Read More)


Summer Jam will also only be able to be exclusively streamed on TIDAL. (Read More)

It appears Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will shut down Disneyland for North’s 2nd birthday. (Read More) 

SoundCloud will start paying money to independent labels. (Read More)

Game has been charged with a felony and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. (Read More)


Method Man to star in VH1‘s “The Breaks” movie. (Read More)

Spotify royalties grew to $300 million in Q1. (Read More)

Ludacris and his wife welcomed baby girl named Cadence Gaëlle. (Read More)

Karrueche & Chris Brown‘s reunion ended in an explosive fight. (Read More) 

Hip Hop News 6/3

A$AP Rocky‘s A.L.L.A. becomes the 5th Hip Hop album to reach No. 1 this year. (Read More)


Timbaland explains why he shared the transphobic meme about Caitlyn Jenner. (Read More)

Pusha T claims that a Virginia Beach club denied him entry due to “blatant racism.” (Read More)

Method Man will be releasing his first solo album in 9 years. (Read More)


Tyler, The Creator explains he has no beef with Odd Future, but the group is no longer a “thing in the public’s eye.”  (Read More)

Apple has announced a recall of all Beats Pill XL speakers. (Read More)

Reports say that Chinx has an unborn baby with a Queens woman on the way. (Read More)

Joe Budden will be on VH1′s Couples Therapy. (Read More)


Amber Rose confirms relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.  (Read More) 

Young Money rapper Flow is wanted for double murder. (Read More)

Random Hip Hop Facts Part 41

Did you know?…

410. Long before working with Adidas, Kanye West once destroyed a pair of their sneakers on film. (4:46 mark)

409. Drake‘s producer Noah40Shebib mixed and mastered So Far Gone at the  Beverly Wilshire hotel on a pair of AKG 240 headphones and a iHome clock radio. 1

408. Snoop Dogg used to record with 213  in the studio at VIP Records in Long Beach, a record store that Ab-Soul‘s grandfather founded. (6:46 mark)

407. Dr. Dre and Suge Knight once had their own custom lowrider shop called Let Me Ride Hydraulics2

406. “Ken Kaniff” on Eminem‘s Slim Shady LP was the only skit not voiced by Em.  A Detroit rapper named Aristotle did the vocals. 3

405. In 2007, J. Cole tried to hand Jay Z  a CD full of beats outside of his Roc the Mic studios.  Jay replied, “Man, I don’t want that,” and Cole considered him to be evil at that point.  4

404. Logic can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute.

403. When Method Man first met Mary J. Blige, she told him she woke up to his song “Bring the Pain” every day. 5

402. Tyler, The Creator named the roach in the “Yonkers” video Nissan, and yes, he really bit into it. (12:50 mark)

401. J Dilla was  present when DJ Premier recorded “Devil’s Pie” with D’Angelo. 6


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“When Dizaster Strikes” – Archived Interview with Rapper Dizaster (Jan 2013)


In recent years, the art of battling has built an impressive following of Hip Hop aficionados around the world with freestyle king Dizaster becoming one of its most notable competitors. Co-signed by Drake, Method Man, Raekwon, Crooked I and Eminem, his almost flawless track record and knack for mercilessly ripping apart his opponents speaks for itself.


With its raw edge and competitive grittiness the URL (Ultimate Rap League) has become the UFC of the rap game.  Trailers for upcoming bouts feature bellowing announcers who promote verbal sparring like Pay-Per-View matches.  It’s no surprise professional boxers and fighters tune into the matches as well.

“It’s just like fighting.  We say messed up things, but fighters beat the shit out of each other, and people respect them.  We don’t even hit each other. This is real grown-up shit. We’re not slapping each other around. We are defeating each other intellectually,” he declares.

[Click Here to Read More…]

Random Hip Hop Facts Part 30

Did you know?

300. Dr. Dre does not allow his wife or kids to play his music in their home. 1

_______________________________________________299. The Adidas Pharrell wore to the Grammys were made with over 1600 Swarovksi crystals in 15 shapes and sizes and took more than 10 hours to apply by hand.  2


298. 50 Cent’s favorite TV shows growing up were Benny Hill and Dukes of Hazard3


297. One of Rihanna’s favorite restaurants is Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, CA. 4


296. ScHoolboy Q once started a fire lighting candles trying to be romantic.

(0:44 mark)


295. Tyler, the Creator began skating at age 12 on a Blind. 5


294. Method Man wrote “All I Need” in bed while his girlfriend slept beside him. 6


293. Eminem lost a notebook full of lyrics (with Britney Spears on the cover) at an airport in 2000. Though he offered a generous cash reward along with a chance to meet him, it was never returned. 7



292. Lauryn Hill was in talks to perform “All Falls Down” with Kanye West at the the 2004 VMAs, but Ye refused to disinvite Syleena Johnson. 8


291. Ja Rule grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and was embarrassed to knock on friends’ doors during field service when he was a child. 9


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Random Hip Hop Facts Part 19

Did you know?

190.  Redman and Method Man first met at a Kriss Kross album release party. 1


189. Kendrick Lamar’s “Ignorance Is Bliss” from his Overly Dedicated mixtape caught the attention of Dr. Dre and eventually led to his signing. 2


188. Beyonce is highly allergic to perfume.  The scents she endorses have been chemically altered to ensure she doesn’t suffer a reaction. 3


187. Producer No I.D. Says Big Sean’s “Control” beat was originally meant for Jay Z. 4


186.Kelis’ “Millionaire” and Gwen Stefani’s “Long Way To Go” were scrapped from Andre 3000’s The Love Below album. 5


185. “Music Man” was the first Masta Ace song Eminem recollects hearing.  He’s one of Em’s biggest influences.


184. Casey Veggies dad used to be Jay Z & Dame Dash’s bodyguard. 6


183. Tupac would go to Sway & Tech’s “Wake Up Show” every Friday to get try and get his record played.


182. Drake would rewrite the lyrics to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as a child. 7


181.  Patrick Schwayze appeared in Ja Rule’s “The Reign” video.

(1:04 mark)

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LA Hip Hop Landmarks

Update: Will now be adding landmarks on a national scale as time permits.

Map of Hip Hop landmarks in LA. 

View in a Larger Map Here

Random Hip Hop Facts Part 6

Did you know?…

60.  Tupac auditioned for the role of Bubba in Forrest Gump1

59.  RZA, GZA and ODB of the Wu-Tang are all cousins. 2

58.  Frank Ocean is having a 1990 BMW E30 sedan custom-made similar to the one on the cover of his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape. 3



57.  Macklemore brought Sir-Mix-A-Lot on stage at one of his earlier concerts.  He viewed it as a passing of the Seattle torch and sees him as a mentor. 4

56.  Henny (J-Hen) of producing duo Tha Bizness used his own vocal sample on Kendrick Lamar’s “Sherane.”

(1:24 mark)


55.  How High was actually shot at UCLA – not Harvard. 5

54.  Ice Cube’s Death Certificate and Nas Illmatic posters are on Bud Bundy’s room on Married with Children.  David Faustino was a rap fan in real life and requested that they be put in his fictional bedroom. 6



53. Pharrell Williams makes music the old school way with keyboards, modules, and midi (no computer). 7

52.  Erick Sermon used to entertain his mom’s guests by singing Ray Charles songs while wearing sunglasses.

(2:35 mark)


51.  Schoolly D’s “P.S.K. What Does It Mean?” is considered the first gangsta rap record.  The track pays homage to Philadelphia’s Park Side Killers gang. 8



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