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Clams Casino feat. Vince Staples – “All Night”

Clams Casino is well-known by Hip Hop fans for his trademark production on myriads of killer cuts for MCs like Lil’ B, Big K.R.I.T., Mac Miller and A$AP Rocky.  Now, his first studio solo record, 32 Levels, awaits him and is slated to drop next month.  Check out his  haunting, gritty second single, “All Night” featuring Vince Staples.  Listen below .

Video: Tyler, The Creator – “What The Fuck Right Now” & GOLF Media Freestyle

As a huge fan of Kanye West‘s “Freestyle 4” off of The Life of PabloTyler, The Creator puts his own spin on the track.  A$AP Rocky provides ad libs as T calls out posers, rappers who emulate his style and glorify drugs.  Watch the clever and wildly amusing video that also features Taco, Jasper and Domo Genesis below.

Make sure to also check out Tyler & Rocky‘s freestyle from the former Odd Future leader’s GOLF Media app below.


Favorite Albums of 2015 List


2015 was such a great year for music that I ended up writing about way too many albums that resonated with me. Here is my list of personal favorites in no particular order.

Lupe FiascoTetsuo & Youth 

His best work in years, Lupe‘s masterpiece divided into four seasons includes clever punchlines and discusses social issues accompanied by a medley of instruments including violins and atypical banjos.

Erykah Badu But You Caint Use My Phone

Dedicated to society’s fixation with cell phones, Ms. Badu analyzes their affect on relationships over futuristic Funk on a project sparked by Drake‘s “Hotline Bling.”

Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly

Already earning countless accolades including 11 Grammy nominations, Kendrick documents his battles with inner demons while exposing racial inequality and promoting Black pride on a unique fusion of Jazz and Funk.

LogicThe Incredible True Story

A space travel concept album that takes place in the future makes an intriguing listen filled with rapid-fire flows and stellar production influenced by Yeezy, Outkast and golden era Hip Hop.

The Internet Ego Death

The mature and developed effort by the former Odd Future act wows longtime and new fans with Grammy-nominated sensual and airy R&B melodies.

Phony Ppl – Yesterday’s Tomorrow

The nine member band exhibit alluring and state-of-the-art instrumentation that dazzles on this mellow Jazz, Hip Hop and R&B laced work.

Tyler, The Creator –  Cherry Bomb

Tyler showcases a vast range of beautiful production (based on his favorite musical genres) that includes strings, electric guitars and xylophones as he encourages listeners to soar to new heights.

Freddie Gibbs – Shadow of a Doubt

Gangsta Gibbs displays bold versatility on a hard as steel album that touches on old drug habits and features unexpected guests like Gucci Mane.

Kali Uchis – Por Vida EP

Kali‘s candy coated voice perfectly complements this well-executed smooth and nostalgic R&B album that sounds like it escaped from the 60s.

Travis $cott – Rodeo

A dark and melodic ode to indulging in libations and the Hollywood lifestyle, Rodeo channels elements of his mentor’s most influential album – 808s and Heartbreak.

Dr. Dre – Compton

Dr. Dre‘s return to Hip Hop brings Compton to life with a rich and pictorial West Coast soundtrack assisted by both legends and newcomers.

Mick JenkinsWave[s]

Mick Jenkins urges present day society to seek more truth and provides listeners with awe-inspiring bars and overall good vibes.

A$AP Rocky – A.L.L.A.

A kaleidoscopic and experimental approach to his sophomore effort finds Flacko not only rapping over organs and guitars, but harmonizing on tracks from time to time.

Puff DaddyMMM

Puffy and his formerly absent Family make sure the hustler’s spirit lives on thanks to his latest gem dedicated to Money Making Mitch from Paid in Full.

Pusha T – Darkest Before Dawn

Dense lyricism and an unconventional assortment of first-class beats compose an album so resplendent it is sure to pique fans’ interest in 2016‘s King Push.

Tame Impala – Currents

Tame Impala‘s third studio album filled with colorful psychedelia will have you floating on feel-good notes perfect for mood lifting or scenic drives.

Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Bush

Snoop and Pharrell team up to create 1970s inspired grooves that pay homage to some of California’s finest assets: women, weed, and weather.

Miguel – Wildheart

Miguel‘s sexy collection of love songs is fiery and well-produced, yet also manages to simultaneously emit honesty and rawness.


Concert Review: Tyler, The Creator – Christmas Show 12/13


After coppping GOLF merch and filing into hidden Orange County gem, The Observatory, fans escaped the cold with a rare late night appearance by former Odd Future frontman, Tyler, The Creator.  “It’s passed my bedtime and shit. Half of y’all got school tomorrow,” he announced around midnight.

As hands vigorously strummed air guitars on the screen behind him, he engaged in a performance of “Deathcamp” so explosive, he had to take a moment to catch his breath and admitted to almost fainting as he peeled off two jackets.  He kept the audience riled up delving into well-known cult classics “Tron Cat,” “Sam (Is Dead),” and “Domo 23,” but also mellowed things out with “Bimmer,” “She” and “IFHY” as the vibrant music video played in the background.

Light on his new material, the most notable track performed off of Cherry Bomb was “Smuckers” due to a richly orchestrated intro not heard on the album.  Between beatboxing into “Jamba” and berating the audience for requesting “Bitch Suck Dick,” he was handed a ring of lost keys and a license.  After reading the name on the ID and finally locating its owner, he proclaimed, “You irresponsible. You need to learn a lesson,” before thrusting it back into the endless abyss of people.

Taking a moment to acknowledge Jasper Dolphin‘s birthday, the audience sang to him before begging him to do a celebratory backflip.  The unexpected highlight of the show was during “Yonkers” when tourmate A$AP Rocky stepped out to make a cameo chanting “Golf Wang” as admirers shrieked with delight.

Closing with the bass-heavy “Tamale,” Tyler caused an all-out frenzy until Taco cued “Keep Da O’s” from the DJ booth.  After revealing he’d be taking a hiatus from performing, he wished the crowd a “beautiful fuckin’ Christmas” and walked off shirtless in his trademark Vans.

Video: A$AP Rocky feat. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson – “Everyday”

A$AP Rocky tackles the dangerous pitfalls of celebrity in his latest video.  Off of his outstandingly multifarious A.L.L.A. (At Long Last A$AP) album, the work includes collaborators Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Ronson.  Watch the latest addition to Rocky’s solid video catalog below.

Video: A$AP Rocky feat. Kanye West – “Jukebox Joints”

In anticipation of A$AP Rocky’s long-awaited A.L.L.A. dropping soon, you can now listen to his collaboration with Kanye West called Jukebox Joints.”  The soulful production by Ye also features a guitar from Joe Fox.  Listen here.

Update: The visuals to the track have now dropped.  Watch below.



Danny Brown – “Worth It” (Produced by Clams Casino)

Listen to the new Danny Brown track produced by beatmaker Clams Casino who is known for his work with A$AP Rocky, Lil’ B and Mac Miller.  The Adult Swim single “Worth It” is a surreal mix of percussion and eerie electronic notes.  Listen via Soundcloud.

Random Hip Hop Facts Part 44

440. NasI Am... was supposed to be a double album.1

439. While working on A.L.L.A., A$AP Rocky stated that he stopped smoking weed and having sex so that he could fully focus on the task at hand and give fans the best possible music.2


438. Raekwon wrote his “C.R.E.A.M.” verse around 2:30 in the morning on a stove, as he started to reflect on his struggle. 3

437. Mac Miller‘s Blue Slide Park was the first independently-distributed debut album by anyone to hit No. 1 since 1995’s Dogg Pound4

436. While recording The Chronic, Dr. Dre‘s house burned down, and he was shot in his legs forcing him to be on crutches.5


435. Jay Z‘s Vol 2…Hard Knock Life, Outkast‘s Aquemini, A Tribe Called Quest‘s Love Movement and Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star all dropped on Sept 29, 1998.6

434. DJ Quik was a ghost producer on Eminem‘s Encore. 7 

433. Run the Jewels (El-P & Killer Mike) got their name from a line in an LL Cool J song called “Cheesy Rat Blues.” 8

432. Ice Cube was 16 years old when he wrote “Boyz N The Hood.” 9

431. Rakim had his own hot dog stand in the 10th grade. (3:43 mark)


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Hip Hop News 6/3

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