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Concert Review: Lupe Fiasco – Tour For The Fans Show 1/18

lupefiascoSurprises and memorable moments were definitely in store for the hundreds of Lupe Fiasco devotees that filled Hollywood’s Fonda Theatre Monday night.  The Chicago rapper not only catered to the fans by performing a dazzling mix of his most beloved material, but he also unexpectedly made a guest appearance joining opener Billy Blue for “Chopper”  before his actual set began.

After standing through a melodic set from Boy Illinois, Lupe greeted the audience as he stood in front of a 1940s style microphone before opening with the poetic “Mural.” More material off of his latest album, Tetsuo & Youth, was performed including “Little Death” (with Nikki Jean and a live trumpet player), “Dots and Lines” and “Prisoner 1.”

The DJ soon cued a plethora of audio snippets of journalists and admirers naming their favorite Lupe songs.  As each one was cited, cheers ensued as he executed the first verse of each track with vigor and enthusiasm.  Album cuts dated all the way back to his first two albums (“The Coolest,” “American Terrorist,” “Hurt Me Soul,” “Go Go Gadget Flow”) and his well-known singles (“Daydreaming,”, “Paris, Tokyo,” “Superstar,” “Kick, Push”) were met with hardcore fans rapping along bar for bar.

Halfway through his performance, the beat for his freshly released track “Next To It” featuring Ty Dolla $ign dropped.  Like clockwork, the R&B crooner lit up the venue as he jumped on stage to sing its hook and also treated the crowd to a taste of his hit “Blasé.”

Perhaps even more surprising was the fact that Lu did his breakthrough “Touch the Sky” verse and unselfishly performed songs off Lasers, an album he has notoriously despised so much that he attempted to destroy every copy in existence.

As he closed with “The Show Goes On” and revealed that he added his LA tour date last minute, fans left more than satisfied and reminded of how Lupe’s decade-deep discography has stood the test of time.

Concert Review: Tyler, The Creator – Christmas Show 12/13


After coppping GOLF merch and filing into hidden Orange County gem, The Observatory, fans escaped the cold with a rare late night appearance by former Odd Future frontman, Tyler, The Creator.  “It’s passed my bedtime and shit. Half of y’all got school tomorrow,” he announced around midnight.

As hands vigorously strummed air guitars on the screen behind him, he engaged in a performance of “Deathcamp” so explosive, he had to take a moment to catch his breath and admitted to almost fainting as he peeled off two jackets.  He kept the audience riled up delving into well-known cult classics “Tron Cat,” “Sam (Is Dead),” and “Domo 23,” but also mellowed things out with “Bimmer,” “She” and “IFHY” as the vibrant music video played in the background.

Light on his new material, the most notable track performed off of Cherry Bomb was “Smuckers” due to a richly orchestrated intro not heard on the album.  Between beatboxing into “Jamba” and berating the audience for requesting “Bitch Suck Dick,” he was handed a ring of lost keys and a license.  After reading the name on the ID and finally locating its owner, he proclaimed, “You irresponsible. You need to learn a lesson,” before thrusting it back into the endless abyss of people.

Taking a moment to acknowledge Jasper Dolphin‘s birthday, the audience sang to him before begging him to do a celebratory backflip.  The unexpected highlight of the show was during “Yonkers” when tourmate A$AP Rocky stepped out to make a cameo chanting “Golf Wang” as admirers shrieked with delight.

Closing with the bass-heavy “Tamale,” Tyler caused an all-out frenzy until Taco cued “Keep Da O’s” from the DJ booth.  After revealing he’d be taking a hiatus from performing, he wished the crowd a “beautiful fuckin’ Christmas” and walked off shirtless in his trademark Vans.

Concert Review: Nicki Minaj – Surprise Red Bull Show 11/30

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Concert Review: Earl Sweatshirt – Doris Release Show 8/28

20130828_210702Celebrating the release of his #1 album on the Billboard Hip Hop charts and his return to the rap game after a two-year stay in a Samoan reform academy, Earl Sweatshirt stepped onto the El Rey stage as fellow Odd Future member, Taco, dropped the beat to “Pre.”  The Doris intro blared as fans wore shoddily drawn paper masks that were passed out at the entrance of the Tumblr sponsored concert.

The Los Angeles event, attended only by individuals who purchased Doris at the Odd Future store on its release date, hardly stood still preferring to mosh and crowd surf with excitement throughout the show instead.

“All my friends are here,” the 19-year-old rapper foreshadowed before the guest appearances began to trickle in.  As “Sunday” played early in the show, the audience, which consisted mainly of teenage boys, greeted Frank Ocean with uncontrollable screams and welcomed Mac Miller with wails as he spit his drug-promoting verse on “Guild.”20130828_211105

The inevitable Tyler, the Creator appearance ensued for “Whoa” and “Sasquatch” while “20 Wave Capes” and “Knight” were accompanied by Domo Genesis.  Other highlight tracks from the album like the vulgar “Molasses” and sinister “Centurion” were performed in the interim.

Casey Veggies stopped by during “Hive,” and Earl proceeded to rap Vince Staples‘ part a capella explaining he loved the verse so much, he had to do it.

“You like this song?” Earl asked as BadBadNotGood‘s “Hoarse” began to play.  “You’re weird,” he replied in disbelief as the audience cheered.

Throughout the night, the attendees, which included Earl’s girlfriend and the Clancy family, seemed to slightly favor rapping along to older songs “Orange Juice,” “Couch” and “Kill”…That is, until Nakel Smith and Lucas Vercetti grabbed the mic on fan favorite “Trash Wang” and ignited the crowd into an all-out frenzy.

Just as the audience expected the show to wrap, Hodgy, Left Brain, Jasper, Domo and Frank gathered to perform the OF anthem “Oldie” as Dark Shark danced feverishly around the stage with a drink in hand while Tyler laughed into hysterics.  After finally regaining his composure near the DJ booth, he congratulated Earl on the long-awaited and successful album before the curtains closed.

Check out highlights from the show below:

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